Beacon Bakery Bites, Decorated Cookies and Delicious Treats

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Beautiful Decorated Cookies and Other Delicious Treats!

dinosaur decorated cookie on top of a frosted cupcake

Cookies are my Love Language !

Amy Smith creates beautiful, hand decorated cookies for all occasions; as well as drop cookies, brownies, pies and other delicious treats.

painted image of Amy the Beacon Bakery Bites baker
Welcome real estate decorated cookies

So Many Cookies ...

Very special custom decorated cookies are made just for you; for your next special occasion. Cookies developed for your theme, color scheme, and style. Or other special treats too. Make a great impression!

So Many Options ...

Special treats deserve special handling. Beacon Bakery Bites will present your cookies just how you’d like them. Cookies can come individually wrapped, boxed, on a platter or some combination of those that suits your occasion.

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