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A New Star in the Baking

Welcome to the Delicious World of Beacon Bakery Bites where you’ll find all the tempting treats of your childhood as well as enticing new ones! As a small bakery, your order is extremely important to me and my complete attention will be devoted to each and every detail. Whether it’s hand-decorated sugar cookies or gooey cinnamon rolls, an event or a family gathering, I aspire to make everyone’s favorite treats here in West Michigan from my kitchen in Hudsonville. Beacon Bakery Bites offers many options to make your days delicious. 

I am Amy Smith, the owner and baker at Beacon Bakery Bites, and I’ve been baking for as long as I can remember. One of my earliest memories is having created an anniversary cake for my parents – in my little EZBake Oven! I grew up baking with my mom and she was always baking for friends and neighbors; especially around the holidays. I cannot begin to guess the number of candy cane-shaped coffee cakes that we baked over the years! It was a holiday tradition in every neighborhood we ever lived in. In fact, I have lived in almost every geographic region of Michigan – including Mackinac Island – so our baking has reached Michiganders all over!

After my mom’s death in 2019, struggling to find solace, I immersed myself in baking – the one thing I felt we could still do “together.” The more I baked and gave things away, the more people began asking to hire me to bake. And Beacon Bakery Bites was born! I began to offer all things delicious to the general public, mostly by word of mouth. Now, I offer a delicious medley of all your favorite baked goods under Michigan’s Cottage Food Law.

Mom loved lighthouses. Mom and Dad often traveled to see them; and once stayed in one. Her house was filled with lighthouses. Thus the lighthouse in the Beacon Bakery Bites logo is in her memory and keeps her with me in my kitchen.

As my business grew, I knew I needed a better way for people to find me and a more efficient way to process and track orders; this website was born. Follow Beacon Bakery Bites on social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) to catch specials and my holiday presales as soon as they drop. Sign up for my newsletter to get updates and extra content like free recipes to try at home!

There are so many delicious choices. You’ll nibble on thick chewy cookies, devour gooey cinnamon rolls, and munch on even more! Click the links below to enter the Delicious World of Beacon Bakery Bites.

Thanks for dropping by – I can’t wait to bake for you!

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