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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ page will help you understand the basics about our cookies and other products, how to order them, and how to pick them up. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us @

Custom Orders FAQ

What makes your sugar cookies so special?

Our sugar cookies are little pieces of art. Designed with you in mind, our cookies are baked just for you with one of our special recipes and decorated with royal icing one-by-one to create something spectacular! Each cookie takes a lot of time and effort, but the end results are amazing because of the care taken at each step in the process.

How are your cookies packaged?

All Beacon Bakery Bites cookies come individually sealed in a cellophane bag. This helps to keep your cookies safe and at their peak freshness. Each sealed cookie is then lovingly placed in a windowed bakery box or on a decorative tray – whichever you’ve requested. Special occasions sometimes require extra care or flair. Just let us know how your would like your special order presented.

Do you offer other products?

Yes! Beacon Bakery Bites bakes all kinds of deliciousness. We offer an array of drop cookies and other scrumptious treats. Our cinnamon rolls are becoming famous. We occasionally offer other bakery goods too – just ask or watch our menu! Pre-Sale packages and Special Offers are posted on our social media. Subscribe and be one of the first to know.

How long will my cookies remain fresh?

Beacon Bakery Bites works hard to bring you the best cookies and baked goods. This means using the freshest, best quality ingredients. The cookies you purchase from us will remain fresh for a couple of days after they have been unsealed. Cookies still sealed in their bags will remain fresh for two weeks at room temperature. Cookies do best when kept out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place. DO NOT put cookies in the refrigerator – the texture and design of your cookie will be ruined.

If you would like to enjoy some of your cookies at a later date, you may freeze them. Place your sealed cookies in a storage container and place them in the freezer. Remove the cookies at least 6 hours prior to serving them and DO NOT open the container. This will allow the cookies to thaw without causing the colors to run together.

Can I order custom decorated sugar cookies?

Yes! Beacon Bakery Bites would love to create something special for your next event. We have limited availability for custom sets, so it is best to schedule your order as soon as you can – at least 2 weeks in advance. Custom orders have a one dozen (12) cookie minimum, and the price will vary based on the design and current market prices for our top-quality ingredients. The size of the cookie and the complexity of the design will also affect the price. Beacon Bakery Bites will work with you to create custom decorated cookies for your next event that are beautiful, delicious, and within your budget.

Can you design my cookies with a logo or specific character?

While it is against the law to replicate images that are copyrighted without the consent of the owner of that image or logo, we can often create cookies with the same colors or design elements that will compliment your chosen theme.

If you are a business owner and have your own logo, we have several exciting options for your cookies – just send us a picture of your logo!

Will you copy some cookies I found online?

Beacon Bakery Bites is always open to using inspirational photos that you’ve chosen as a reference for your cookie order. One of our strengths, and a key to our early success, has been our uniquely artistic, custom decorated sugar cookies that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Please note that our cookies are handmade and though we will strive to be as faithful as possible to your chosen colors and theme, our cookies can never be exact replicas of someone else’s.

Will Beacon Bakery Bites share photos of my cookies online?

Beacon Bakery Bites photographs all of our creations. Photos of the cookies we created for you may appear on our website and social media without any additional identifying information. If your cookies are a part of a surprise, please let us know and we will make sure not to post any pictures until after your event has taken place.

When you post pictures that include our cookies – we’d love to be tagged! On Facebook or Instagram, please include “@BeaconBakeryBites” to tag us in your posts. By tagging us, you will help grow our tiny business and that would mean the world to us. Thank you!

Ordering FAQ

When should I place my order?

We suggest that you place your order as soon as you can – at least two weeks in advance. The earlier you can place your order, the sooner Beacon Bakery Bites can reserve time for you in our schedule and secure the quality ingredients, other supplies, or specialty cookie cutters as needed. Custom orders that are placed less than two weeks in advance will be subject to a Rush Fee.

How do I order from Beacon Bakery Bites?

To place an order with Beacon Bakery Bites, click on the “Start an Order” button at the top of each page of our website. You will be directed to an order form where you can provide us with more details. We will confirm our availability and discuss any additional details that we need. Once we have all the information needed to make your fabulous cookies, we will email you an invoice with a payment link to our secure payment processor, Square.

Your order is not confirmed until we receive your payment. Prompt payment ensures that we can commit to your event. Otherwise, there is a chance that our schedule will fill up or we might run out of time to order special ingredients or supplies for your order.
Pre-Sale packages can be ordered using the “Order Pre-Sale Package” button just below the “Start An Order” button.

Is full payment required to place my order?

Yes, all orders must be paid in full to hold your date on our calendar. Payment is required up front so that Beacon Bakery Bites can source the finest ingredients, and purchase additional items required for your custom order (special colorings, unique cookie cutters, packaging, etc.)

I lost track of time - can I place a rush order?

Beacon Bakery Bites will always make an effort to accommodate last minute orders whenever possible. Our flexibility will depend on our current schedule and the availability of ingredients and supplies. Please note that while we may not be able to rush a complex or unique design, we will make every effort to create a set that compliments your theme. Any order placed with less than 2 weeks notice will be subject to a $25 Rush Order Fee.

Can I cancel my order?

Orders that need to be canceled more than one week prior to the pick-up date are eligible for a 50% refund. Orders canceled with less than a week’s notice are nonrefundable.

Pick-Up/Delivery/Shipping FAQ

How do I schedule a time to pick up my order?

Your pick-up date and time are set when your order is confirmed. Once the date is set, Beacon Bakery Bites may not be able to change the pick up date, but we will make every effort to make minor adjustments to accommodate your schedule. You will receive a reminder email from Beacon Bakery Bites prior to your pick-up date and time.

Do you offer delivery or shipping?

While most orders are for pick-up, delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. At this time, shipping is not allowed under the Michigan’s Cottage Food Laws.

What happens if I forget to pick-up my cookies or baked goods?

We proudly provide the very best and freshest products. If you miss your pick-up without making other arrangements at least three days prior, your order will be donated to a local charity of our choosing.

What happens if I am not happy with my cookies or baked goods?

While we understand that things happen, Beacon Bakery Bites cannot accept returns on food items. If you have concerns about any of our products, please reach out to us immediately so that we can try to make things right for you. The best way to reach us for help is at or by phone 616-379-9291.

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